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Products on Amazon Breaking the Internet During COVID 19 - QUIZ - 3 Mystery Products - Can You Guess?

While some industries like hospitality, restaurants, taxis, travel and flights are struggling during the pandemic there are products that are seeing unprecedented levels of sales on e-stores. We as Americans are ordering online more than ever! Most products that are breaking the internet have some or the other direct co-relation with us staying at home. We are cooking more, exercising more at home, watching more TV and improving our homes more than ever. Here's a list of the top 10 products that have broken all past records in terms of online sales. 

If you haven't yet bought them, statistically chances are that you will buy at least 7 of the 10 before the pandemic ends. So here goes our list of the products that are breaking the Internet during Covid 19. 



1. Face-masks (3 Layer, Use & Throw)

6000% Spike in Sales Vs Last Year

This is obviously no surprise. With the Coronavirus infection rates on the high, more Americans are becoming aware of the importance of wearing a face mask in public places. Some that are extra careful are now also carrying a pair or one time use gloves which is another product breaking all records listed further down on our list. One time use face masks and cotton washable breathable face masks are selling 100,000+ units a week on popular shopping sites like Amazon! 

Mystery Product
Mystery Grooming Product
$59.99 $54.97


2. Home Grooming Kits

1700% Spike in Sales Vs Last Year


With hair saloons and barbers shut in various parts of the country, it is no surprise that this product has seen sales go up 1700% compared to the same time last year. While this is just one product, you can well imagine how big an impact Coronavirus has had on this industry. If you haven't got one already, we bet you will be buying one before this pandemic ends.

QUIZ: Can you guess which grooming product saw 1700% hike in sales?

Hint: It's not the Bosch grooming kit!

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3. Home Entertainment Streaming Services

600% Spike in Sales Vs Last Year


With millions of office goers now staying home, the demand for entertainment is the highest it's ever been. Services like Netflix, Disney, Hulu, Amazon Prime and facilitators like Roku have seen sales increase by over 600%. Americans are consuming unparalleled amounts of content online and on TV.


Mystery Home Fitness Product
$359.99 $349.99


4. Home Fitness Products

1300% Spike in Sales Vs Last Year


Treadmills, Dumb-bells, Kettlebells and Resistance Bands are seeing a 1300% spike in sales compared to the same period last year. All gym-goers who are now home bound are building little gyms at home and stocking the weights and machinery to stay fit while away from the gym. A study says that one in 5 people have already bought at least on item of physical fitness online in the US. 

QUIZ: Can you guess which home fitness product saw 1300% hike in sales?

Hint: It's not the dumb-bells, kettlebells or resistance bands!

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5. Cooking Products - We're all becoming expert cooks!

700% Spike in Sales Vs Last Year

Believe it or not, before this pandemic is over, 90% of US households would have cooked at least one dish for the first time ever. With everyone at home and limited supply of restaurant food, people will be cooking like never before. Cooking equipment, particularly weighting scales have seen a 700% increase in sales compared to the same period last year. Have you cooked anything for the first time during this lockdown? Maybe baked your first cake. Statistics say most people are likely to start baking this summer.


6. Keeping Kids Busy - Slides, Trampolines and Bikes

1200% Spike in Sales Vs Last Year

Depending on where you live in the United States the infection rates will determine if it's safe to send kids to school. With thousands of kids staying at home, there's need for toys and physical activities to keep them busy. We think that's the reason why Slides, Trampolines and even bikes are doing record breaking sales during the pandemic.  This featured slide has seen a 1200% increase in sales on Amazon compared to the same time last year.


7. Ice Makers, Freezers & Summer Chillers

450% Spike in Sales Vs Last Year

This ice-maker has seen a 450% increase in sales. Freezers to store food for longer have seen 400% increase and other summer items like car sun-blockers and fans have also seen sales at least triple compared to the same time last year. Reasons are obvious - everyone who was out and about in office air-conditioning is now home. We're making more chilled drinks at home, drinking more beer and wine at home and with cars parked at home in stead of office basements, they need to be kept cool.

8. Air Purifiers & UV Devices to Keep the Virus Away

350% Spike in Sales Vs Last Year


Whilst the exact benefits of air purifiers in keeping the virus away are not verified, a 350% surge in sales of this air purifier shows that Americans are taking no risks when it comes to air-quality. With hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial wipes and cleaning products at their all time sales highs, air purifiers and UV devices are catching up and have been sold out on Amazon for weeks. 


9. One Time Use and Throw Gloves

900% Spike in Sales Vs Last Year

It makes sense for those in the vulnerable age or health risk to take extra precautions. While washing hands does the job, but if you have a cut in your hand then that can allow the virus in. Plus wearing gloves while outside definitely adds a layer of added security. We would imagine these kind of gloves to be particularly useful for children.


10. LED Strips To Beautify Home

400% Spike in Sales Vs Last Year

Products related to home improvement have seen an unprecedented rise in sales. Americans are spending their time and energy in beautifying their homes, buying home storage, things that were long overdue. Things that needed attention but that weekend never came. Now with all this time at our hands, we Americans are busy untangling our busy lives, making things look and feel better and cherish these rare moments we are getting to spend with our loved ones.